Would you like to find new ancestors? Have you been researching your family for years but have hit a roadblock that you need help with? Do you want to join a lineage society such as Daughters or Sons of the American Revolution? Do you have ancestors who fought in a war, crossed an ocean, or were early pioneers?

I am not taking clients right now but may be in the future.

I'm based in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, Washington, so Western US genealogy is one specialty. But for 30 years I have been researching ancestors who came from Ireland with 13 children, traveled from Germany to Panama to San Francisco to join the California Gold Rush, ran supplies from Scotland to Boston in the early 1600s as a ship captain, married Patrick Henry's sister, died fighting in Kentucky after founding a county on land cleared by Daniel Boone, stood next to President Lincoln in a famous Civil War photo, carved the roses on the acoustic ceiling of the Vienna Opera House, and served as Governor of Virginia in Yorktown. I am not taking clients right now but may be in the future.

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